Chapter Awards

national awards

2016 "gold Trout" Award

Chairman of National Leadership Council Mick McCorcle awards our President Robert Vierck the 2016 Gold Trout award as the nation's most outstanding TU Chapter

"The Spring Creek Chapter's conservation and angler science activities this year are more than enough to earn accolades: over 1.5 miles of riparian habitat planted, 13 in-stream structures built, water quality monitoring, redd count and angler surveys totaling more than 4,500 hours and valued at over $210,000.  However, behind all that conservation activity are the myriad was the chapter reaches into the community.  The chapter is constantly hosting events and activities, including their robust Veterans Service Partnership program where hundreds of vetrans have experience the power of both healing and community, thanks to SCCTU."  Mick McCorcle


Article from Centre Daily Times about the "Gold Trout" Chapter

2017 Distinguished Service Award - Veterans Service

Jim Lanning

Jim Lanning with Robert Vierck

2015 Distinguished Service Award - Youth Education

Judi Sittler

Bev Smith and Franklin Tate awarding Judi Sittler 2015 Distinguished Service Award - Youth Education


PATU Awards

2017 Membership Increase

Jim Lanning, Bob Vierck, Charles Charlesworth, Greg Malaska, Judi Sittler

2016 Outstanding Website

The Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited honored our own Spring Creek chapter with two 2014 statewide awards during their annual Fall Meeting.


Robert Vierck (Webmaster) reciving 2016 PATU Best Website Award

2014 PATU Awards

Edward Urbas Best Chapter Award and the Doc Fritchey Award for Outstanding Coldwater Conservationist, TU Member

From left - Paula Sowers, Bob Vierck, Brian Wagner,        Judi Sittler and Brian Wagner

Judi Sittler, Ben Hayes, and Ed O'Gorman


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