Bob Sills



Bob was born and raised in North Jersey.  At the age of five he began salt water fishing for flounder with his grandfather.  When he was a teenager, attending a camp in New Hampshire, he began fly fishing under the tutelage of the camp director. His love of fly fishing has grown from those days in the early 1960’s.  He clearly recalls his first trout taken on a dry fly on New Hampshire’s Little Swift River.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Husbandry, a Masters in Agricultural Education and a Doctorate in Education focused on the processes of teaching and learning.  As a secondary Agricultural Science Teacher Bob taught classes in Natural Resource Management (AKA Fly Fishing) that included raising trout in the classroom.  His goal was to use the engaging activity of fly fishing as a vehicle to teach math, science, writing and leadership.  In retirement, Bob worked for Outward Bound Professional as a Senior Program Manager facilitating corporate programs in management, teambuilding and leadership training.  Bob is chairperson of the Veterans Service Partnership