Our mission is to promote the sport of fly-fishing among women.

Our goals are:
  • To provide skill building workshops, presentations and demonstrations.
  • To organize single day or overnight fishing trips.
  • To provide opportunities to assist with conservation efforts.
  • To provide a means for women fly-fishers to meet, network, fish, and socialize.

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The SCCTU Women Anglers would like to honor a very special woman angler, Jean Brenchley, who has set up an endowment called the "Jean Brenchley Women Angler Support Fund" to support current and future women anglers to come. This fund has been set up specifically to promote the sport of fly fishing for women and help the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited develop a strong female presence. This fund will provide yearly monies that the SCCTU Women Anglers will use to teach fly fishing skills to the women who join us. Learn more about Jean and her fly-fishing journey.

Mark Your Calendar for Future Women Angler Events

Join the Women Anglers Group for a sunday fly-fishing outing or any other future event. No cost to attend. Beginners are always welcome to join! For more information, email the Women Anglers at scctuwomenangler@gmail.com to be added to the email list!

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When planning to go fishing, check out stream conditions before you leave home!