Citizen Science

  SCCTU is a very active citizen science organization.  This arena is extremely important to our mission of protecting the Spring Creek Watershed. 

Water Resources Monitoring Project - The chapter provides both financial and leadership resources to this important monitoring system.  Two of our members - Dr. Robert F. Carline and Robert Vierck are on the governing committee of this group.  The WRMP promotes the sustainable management of surface water and groundwater resources in the Spring Creek (PA) Watershed. Knowledge about the status of the water resources is critical for informed decision-making by citizens, business leaders and public officials within the watershed.  To this end, the WRMP collects water quality and quantity data and makes the data publicly available. 

Angler Survey - Working with the Pa. Fish and Boat Commission personnel, the Chapter has conducted four Angler Surveys on Spring Creek - the original in 1976 and the most recent in 2014.  This effort consists of counting and interviewing fishermen/women on the stream over a four month period.  The data is used to evaluate the quality of the fishing experience as well as information about the fish and the population of fishermen. 

Redd Survey - The chapter conducts a Redd Survey each year to count the spawning beds of trout along the length of Spring Creek and some of its tributaries.  Results from 1987 through 2019 here. The purpose is to quantify the amount of redds (spawning beds) so as to ascertain the health of the stream and fish population and the trends.  Historically, this effort was coordinated by the Fish and Boat Commission and performed by their employees and volunteers from the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  In the recent past, this effort has been expanded and is coordinated by SCCTU.  At this time, we are recording the location of the redds on maps, as well as locations that can be identified for habitat projects.

Dr. Robert F. Carline powerpoint presentation "Spawning Behavior of Trout and the Utility of Redd Counts" can be reviewed here.

Advocacy and Watershed Watch - This program works to protect the Spring Creek watershed.  It includes monitoring the stream for spills or problem from construction or other sources, documenting such problems and notifying the appropriate parties to fix problems.  It also includes monitoring governmental publications, laws, and regulations to make sure that the stream is protected.