Fly of the Month

Scud (Shrimp) Olive

Steve Sywensky; Owner Fly Fisher’s Paradise

Olive Shrimp.jpg


Hook; TMC 3769 or Daiichi 1550 Short Shank /Wet Fly

Size #18 to #12

-Pinch Barb

-Olive Thread over hook Shank, wrap 0.015 lead wire on

hook shank

-Cover lead wire with thread evenly to hold lead

-Tie in 5X or 6X tippet behind the lead, for segmetation

-Tie in Plastic Scud back from top of zip lock bag

-Use Olive Dubbing Hareline #11, apply heavy to thread

-Wrap forward, Cover lead to hook eye

-Pull scud back forward, tie off behind hook eye

-Wrap tippet forward, make sections, tie off, whip finish

-Pick out legs with a dubbing needle