Stewardship is the extra work that it takes to complete a project or to maintain an area for habitat and/or fishing.  In addition to the stewardship at the various recent project sites, the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited as an agreement with the Pa. Fish and Boat Commission to assist in the maintenance of Fisherman's Paradise. 

Fisherman's Paradise - This agreement allows SCCTU to work in partnership with F&BC to maintain the landscape and fishing access at Fisherman's Paradise.  Fisherman's Paradise is a "no-wade" area that allows handicaped fly-fishermen and women to fish from streamside.  It is the home base of the SCCTU Veterans Service Program, the Women Anglers, and the Penn State Fly Fishing Classes.  The agreement protects 43 fishing sites as well as maintaining a riparian buffer limited to 2.5 feet high.  The result is a wonderful, world renowned fishing location.


Commercial Street Bridge - This project was completed in 2013 and included two sites.  The riparian planting had to be limited to keep the height below 20' as there are power lines above both sites.  Thus a number of bushes and wildflowers were planted there to maintain the integrety of the area

McCoy - In 2007, the McCoy Dam was removed.  At that time, it was logistically difficult to plant the west side of the stream and in 2014 the area was finally planted with over 2000 different trees and shrubs (materials and personnel were ferried across the stream in a rescue boat).  SCCTU reached a five-year agreement with SEDA-COG Railroad to allow access in order to maintain this 3/4 mile long area.

Oak Hall - In 2015 a bank stabilization and riparian planting project was undertaken between US Fish and Wildlife Service and SCCTU.  This is a very fertile area and significant planting was done with trees and shrub plus a wildflower area.  The area is in excess of 3 acres.  SCCTU continues to maintain this area.

Deer Creek Lane, Houserville, Fisherman's Paradise, Lemont (Backyard Makeover), Kissinger Meadow, and Rock Road

Riparian planting was completed at Deer Creek Lane Houserville and Fisherman's Paradise in 2014 and 2015.  In addition, the parking lot at Rock road was upgraded to become pervious with a drainage area.  Riparian planting was accomplished as well.