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The next Membership Meeting will be held on March 1, 2007 at 7:30 PM at the Boalsburg Fire Hall.
George Daniel, Jr., professional flycasting instructor, competition flyfisher, and guide from Lock Haven will present a video entitled: “Seductive Streamer Strategies”. George’s recent experiences include:

2006 US Fly Fishing Nationals – Gold Medal Team.

Finished 5th (out of 108 competitors) in 2006 World Fly Fishing Championships.

Selected to compete in the 2007 World Fly Fishing Championships, Finland.

You get the message: Forget about those size 18 blue-winged olives; Bring a friend and come to learn about flies that catch BIG trout.
Note the location change! Mark your calendar. Bring two friends.


Board meetings are held at the Comfort Suites Hotel, 132 Village Drive, State College at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday following the scheduled Membership Meeting. The Board members welcome and would appreciate greater participation from Chapter members. As many of you know, our membership and board meetings are held at the Comfort Suites Hotel. Comfort Suites provides the rooms to us at no charge. We want to thank Karen Mansfield and her staff for their support.

VISIT THE SCTU WEB SITE: springcreektu.org

The Web Site lists membership and board meeting dates; contains the past 5 months of Tertiary Treatment; and provides links to Spring Creek USGS stream flow conditions, weather, and a number of other good information sources.


Please consider joining the SCTU List-Serve. The Chapter maintains a List-Serve, an e-mail contact list that includes approximately 65 of the 350 SCTU members. The List-Serve is used to provide e-mail notices of upcoming events and activities. You will not be flooded with a lot of unwanted e-mails. The List-Serve will only be used for important communication from the chapter. If you would like to be included in the List-Serve please send your e-mail address to Bill Brusse at wbrusse@converseconsultants.com </ym/Compose?To=wbrusse@converseconsultants.com> or to Vince Norris at vpn1@psu.edu


SCTU needs volunteers. Many of the issues that affect the Watershed will be decided based on the “science” of the issue. We need knowledgeable individuals to help out with land use, water quality, and legal issues. We also need volunteers to attend Township and Borough meetings to help track development plans and proposed ordinances that could impact the Creek so that SCTU has the opportunity to comment on those issues before they are approved. We also need volunteers to organize creek improvement and cleanup activities.

Little Juniata River Court Decision

We’re sure that many TU’ers have heard that the courts have ruled that the “Little J” is a navigable stream and therefore the stream is public property. This is a major victory, not just for fishermen in Central Pennsylvania, but for all Pennsylvanians who have seen our public property rights taken by private interests. Let us hope that the courts continue to protect our rights to the ‘commons’. In case you missed hearing about the decision, you can find an article in the Feb. 4th Centre Daily Times or at this website of the NY Times (Yes, the NY Times! This is a big deal.):


CAVEAT: This court decision only deals with the stream itself. It does NOT mean that anglers have access to private property along the stream. There can be no surer way to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” than to abuse the property rights of landowners next to the stream. A little courtesy goes a long way. Always respect the property rights of streamside landowners, and whenever possible, ask their permission and thank them for allowing access to the stream. Also, pick up and remove any trash left by our inconsiderate angling brethren. It’ll pay off in the long run.


Spring Creek Canyon Update

In late December the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy issued its final report on the Spring Creek Canyon. The report is on the Benner Township Website:


The Board of Directors of SCTU has issued a statement concerning the future ownership of the canyon:

“The Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited has taken the following position concerning future ownership of the state-owned Spring Creek Canyon and adjacent lands. The Chapter is one of several stakeholders invited by Benner Township, the prospective future owner of the Canyon, to advise them on the protection and management of this unique ecological area that includes an excellent brown trout fishery. While we applaud the intentions of Benner Township and are pleased to participate on their Citizens Advisory Committee, we respectfully recommend that the future ownership of these lands should not be decided until a plan for the restoration, protection, and management of the entire 1,800 acres has been developed and generally agreed upon by the community. Only after we know what measures will be needed to preserve and protect the Canyon will it be possible to decide which public or private organization(s) has the expertise, the resources and the will to best manage these lands for the benefit of present and future Pennsylvanians. It is also our position that any entity or entities granted ownership of the 1,800 acres that comprise the Canyon and upland lands should commit to the implementation of the recommendations presented in the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Phase I Report.”


Application for:

Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation


Fly Fishing Youth Camp

PO Box 71 Boiling Springs, PA 17007

Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited



Provide the following with this application:
A written essay by the applicant about why they would like to attend the camp.
The name, address and telephone number of a Guidance Counselor or Science Teacher must be supplied with the application.

The camp will be limited to 32 selected qualified students, ages 14 to 17.
The camp is for both boys and girls.
The applicant must have been born between June 22, 1989 and June 17, 1993.
The camp selection committee will make the selections based upon the candidates’ qualifications and indicated desire.


Applications must be received by March 15, 2007


A learning experience that will last a lifetime

June 17 – 22, 2007

For further information visit www.riverscamp.com
or contact Mike Klimkos 717-243-3056 klimkos@epix.net
or Rod Cross 717-263-0365

The cost of the camp is $275 per student. Do not send money until the student has been accepted.

Some scholarships are available for qualified students.

Fill in the following:

State: Zip:
Date of Birth
Male Female






Annual Spring Banquet


Where: Ramada Inn, State College, PA

When: Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Hours 5:30 - 7:00

Deluxe Buffet Dinner served at 7:00

Silent Auction - Bucket Raffles - 52 Card Draws - Live Auction – 50/50


Ticket Price: Adults/$30.00 - Children Under 10/$15.00

(Buffet Dinner, Dessert, Free Keg, Cash Bar)

Mail Reservation Form & Check To: Richard E. Stevenson

20 Mahala Street

Port Matilda, PA 16870


Phone Contacts: Dick Stevenson: 814-692-8471 email:res4@psu.edu

Joe Boston: 814-861-5566 email:joeboston1959@comcast.net

George Moellenbrock: 814-364-9528 email:gxm3@psu.edu


Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________


Adults Attending _______ Children Attending_______ Amount Enclosed ($30.00/adult, $15.00/child 10 & under) ____________

Checks should be made payable to Spring Creek Chapter Trout Unlimited

Names of persons for whom you are making a reservation

Tables may be reserved for eight (8) or ten (10) people



Chapter Officers:


President              Bill Brusse
Vice-President   Vacant
Treasurer            Jere Willey
Secretary            George Moellenbrock


Jere Willey   (12/09)  667-3895

George Moellenbrock   (12/09)  364-9528  gxm3@psu.edu

Allen Phillips 238-4414
    (12/09)  atp@.psu.edu<mailto:atp@.psu.edu>

Bob Donaldson 237-4362
    (12/08)  rbdonald@adelphia.net

Jay Lynch 422-8988    (12/07)  Jlynch@AOL.com

Theodore Trostle 237-9509  (12/08)  tctrostle@verizon.net

Dick Stevenson 692-8471  (12/07)  res4@ psu.edu

Jim George 867-0765  (12/08)  jamestgeorge@earthlink.net

William Brusse 234-8851wbrusse@converseconsultants.com <mailto:wbrusse@converseconsultants.com>


Start or Renew Your TU Membership through SCTU

When your membership is about to expire, or join for the first time, fill out the form below and forward it with a check (payable to Trout Unlimited) to the address indicated below.

Name ________________________________ Check Membership Category *

Address ______________________________  Regular Membership ($35)

 Family Membership ($50)

City _________________________________  Senior/Student ($20)

 Individual Life ($750)**  Family Life ($850)**


State _____________ Zip ________________  Business Member ($200)  Conservator Member ($350)


CHAPTER: Spring Creek TU #185 * US Dollars Only ** No further dues

Send To:  Check enclosed. Payable to Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited

PO Box 1335

Merrifield, VA 22116-1335


Note: If you have an idea for a meeting or activity, please tell a board member.

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