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There will be no official membership meeting in July or August. Instead, why not volunteer for the upcoming stream improvement project?



 If you use it, help improve it!

 The Chapter, especially Joe Boston, has spent considerable time and effort, and I mean considerable time and effort, negotiating and coordinating a stream improvement project on Spring Creek.  With the great help of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, PSU, Centre County Conservation District, Clearwater, and I know I have forgotten others, the Chapter is the lead entity for a habitat improvement project that will be completed on the reach of the Creek that runs through parts of the PSU sheep farm.  The project includes the construction of habitat structures, the relocation of stream fencing to increase the riparian zone, and riparian zone planting.

 Construction is scheduled for Monday August 20 through Thursday August 24, 2007. Work hours will be 8am to 5pm.  PA F&B will supply equipment, operators, supervision, design, construction oversight and some labor. We need volunteers to help drill holes in logs for rebar, nail planking, anchor bank matting, weed whack, etc. Some work will be in stream.  PA F&B has requested at least 12 volunteers per day.

 This is a great way learn about habitat improvement and installation of devices, but most importantly, help the wild brown trout.

 If you can commit please e-mail Joe Boston at joeboston1959@comcast.net with date or dates that you are available. If you have questions, feel free to call Joe at 814.861.5566 or Cell 610.745.3129.  We truly need the support of the membership for this project. 



 From SCCTU President, Bill Brusse:

The SCCTU Board voted on June 18, 2007 to amend its original position statement concerning the disposition of the Rockview land that has been deemed surplus by the State and now supports the Spring Creek Canyon Alliances Statement of Concern and Recommendations (see attached) and strongly recommends that the entire 1,800 acres of Rockview land be transferred to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

 Our original position statement was in support of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) recommendation for the reforestation of the entire 1,800 acres and requested that, at a minimum, the transfer of the property not be completed until a management plan and master plan was developed for the best conservation of the entire property and the protection of Spring Creek.  Current draft legislation transfers the property to several entities that include PSU, Benner Township, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and the Correctional Facility.  PSU has stated that they disagree with the WPC recommendation and plan to conduct agricultural research (education and industrial agriculture) on a large part of the property that they would receive.  Statements at public meetings indicate that the management plan and master plan may apply only to the Spring Creek Canyon that would be owned by Benner Township and not to the proposed PSU property.   We are concerned that the Rendell Administration plans the eminent introduction of the current legislation to the legislature despite requests from citizens and conservation groups that the legislation not be introduced until the community has reached a consensus on the best use of the Rockview lands.  We are also very concerned about the proposed subdivision of the property that currently includes 100 acres for affordable housing and 120 acres for a new sports complex.  The greatest fear expressed by many is the development of large portions of the Rockview land.  We are extremely concerned that additional subdivision will be proposed unless the ownership of the land is quickly determined.
We are still of the opinion that the recommendations of the WPC should be embraced by any future owner of the property and would like to see ownership by a conservation group such as WPC, the Nature Conservancy, or Clearwater Conservancy be considered.  The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) stated on several occasions that they are not interested in the ownership or management of the property.  However, based on the current situation, it is our opinion that the current best opportunity to preserve and protect this valuable resource for the citizens of the region and the Commonwealth is the transfer to and stewardship by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Volunteers Needed to Serve as Controllers or Judges for the World Youth Fly Fishing Competition in August

 Members of TU or others interested in youth activities are needed to help with the World Youth Fly Fishing Competition that will be held in the State College area this August. The Federation Internationale de Pesch Sportive (FIPS) Mouche, the international fly fishing organization, has arranged to use sections of four of the local streams � Spring Creek, Fishing Creek, Little Juniata River, and Lake Perez, as fishing sites on the dates of August 6 �8. The competition will feature teams from over 15 countries, with 2 teams from the USA, including one of only PA anglers. The participants are between the ages of 14 and 18, and there are 5 anglers per team. All have been selected by their country�s (or team�s) coach based on their skill level.

The young fishermen will have several practice days prior to the competition (but not on the competition sites), and then the �main event� will begin on Monday, Aug. 6. Each team will start on one of the five assigned areas (there are two sections of Spring Creek), and then over the next few days will have the opportunity to fish all sections, including 3 hours of fishing from a boat at Lake Perez. The organizers need help from all interested persons, and particularly from fishermen, to serve as controllers for any of the different venues. The schedule of fishing activities is as follows:

Monday, Aug. 6 First session from 9 AM until noon

Second session from 5 PM until 8 PM

Tuesday, Aug. 7 Third session from 9 AM until noon

Afternoon is free

Wednesday, Aug. 8 Fourth session from 9 AM until noon

Fifth session from 5 PM until 8 PM

Controllers will receive a shirt and an invitation to dinner with the competitors on Wednesday following the end of the competition. Lunch is also provided after the morning sessions.

Those interested in helping with the competition as controllers, judges, or any of several other positions are requested to sign up at the following web site:

http://www.centralpacvb.org (click on �FlyFishing Volunteer Application�) or call John Ford at (814) 571-5593 or e-mail jwf4@psu.edu

 Additional information will be provided on the Spring Creek TU Chapter�s web site,

http://www.springcreektu.org/ as it becomes available. Current estimates are that as many as 75 persons will be needed to measure fish and keep score during each session (15 at each venue). Please sign up for any or all sessions, as many as you can arrange to

attend. The Chapter�s web site also has the full schedule listed, along with rules that apply to the fishing competition. This is a great opportunity to see some highly skilled young flyfishers in action, and also to help foster a good impression of the USA and our environment on these international sportsmen.


Trout in the Classroom

The Chapter and PA Trout funded TITC at the Park Forest Middle School.  TITC puts a large tank, a cooler, and trout eggs or fry in the classroom, and, as supervised by the classroom science teacher, the class grows the trout to a size where they can be released into the wild.  The program teaches the students about trout, ecology, streams, and the habitat quality necessary for trout to survive.
Request for Volunteer

A volunteer is needed for the Chairperson of a Media Relations Committee.  The Chapter is involved in a number a education programs and habitat improvement programs and we are looking for someone who would be willing to put out press releases and notify the media about events and activities.


Board meetings are held at the Comfort Suites Hotel, 132 Village Drive, State College at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday following the scheduled Membership Meeting. Chapter members are encouraged to attend the Board meetings. The Board members welcome and would appreciate greater participation from Chapter members. As many of you know, our membership and board meetings are held at the Comfort Suites Hotel. Comfort Suites provides the rooms to us at no charge. We want to thank Karen Mansfield and her staff for their support.


VISIT THE SCTU WEB SITE: springcreektu.org

The Web Site lists membership and board meeting dates; contains the past 5 months of Tertiary Treatment; and provides links to Spring Creek USGS stream flow conditions, weather, and a number of other good information sources.


Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Board Meeting of May 14, 2007

7:30 p.m., Comfort Inn, State College, PA


Members present: Bill Brusse (Chair), Dick Stevenson, Allen Phillips, Jere Wiley, Bob Donaldson, Ted Trostle and Bob Eberhart.

Jere Willey distributed copies of the Treasurer�s Report. The report showed assets of $46,402 as of May 14. The financial statement for the 2007 banquet showed a net income of $13,543.53, the highest ever and an increase of 9% over 2006. Jere will prepare a financial report of the banquet for inclusion in the Newsletter. Chair Bill Brusse commended Dick Stevenson and his Banquet Committee for organizing an outstanding event.

 Bill Brusse reported that the Chapter had received a $5000 Embrace-A-Stream Grant from National TU. Although the original grant proposal had been written for stream improvements upstream from the Rock, access to that reach of the stream has been denied by Rockview. Therefore, National TU has approved the use of the funds for the PSU Sheep Farm Project.

 Jere Willey raised the question of whether the Chapter should provide financial support to the On the Fly Project, inasmuch as the proceeds from the event are donated to the Youth Service Bureau. He had no particular objection to that use of Chapter funds, but wondered whether there should be some general discussion of appropriate uses of Chapter funds. With respect to On the Fly, there was general consensus that there is a significant public relations benefit from being associated with this event.

 Bill Brusse reported that the Chapter had received a request for $500 in support of attendees at the PSU Conservation Youth Leadership School. The Board approved use of a $500 line item budgeted for the Flyfishing Camp, for which there has been no applicant, for this purpose. The Board voted to award $250 of this amount as a Scholarship to Zeph (who?) and use the remaining $250 for an additional scholarship should another request be received. It was suggested that this scholarship support should be reported in the Chapter�s Newsletter.

 Bob Donaldson noted that the Trout in the Classroom project that the Chapter has supported financially was a success. Ron Shealer, a Teacher at the Park Forest Middle School, reported that of the 100 small fish that the Fish and Boat Commission had provided, approximately 40 had grown to the 2 to 3 inch range and were to be released into Marsh Creek.. Mr. Shealer would like to expand this project next year to include a second group of fish at the Mount Nittany Middle School. He hopes next year to raise the fish from eggs. There was discussion of how this project should be publicized.

 Bill Brusse said that Joe Boston had provided him with a report on the progress of the PSU Sheep Farm project. PSU has agreed to provide 60 logs, Glenn O. Hawbaker will donate rebar and straw, and 60 tons of stone will be available from the Law School construction site at PSU. PSU has agreed to pull livestock fencing further away from the stream bank, and ClearWater will assist with plantings for the widened riparian buffer. Bob Donaldson noted that signs at the entrance to the Sheep Barn appear to discourage public access. Bill Brusse will ask Joe Boston to ask PSU about any restrictions on public access.

 Bill Brusse said that he had received a request from Ed Perry, acting on behalf of the Moshannon Group Chapter of the Sierra Club, to consider a statement that he had drafted concerning Rockview lands. The statement objects to the proposed transfer of the Spring Creek Canyon and the adjacent highlands to Benner Township and PSU and, in addition, asks that these lands be transferred to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Ed hoped that the Moshannon Group of the Sierra Club, the Centre County Federation of Sportsmen�s Clubs and the State College Bird Club, along with our TU Chapter would cosign this statement. After lengthy discussion, the Board chose not to sign the statement. Bill Brusse will communicate the Board�s decision to Ed Perry.

Bill Brusse noted that in order for the Chapter to receive the requested DCNR grant, the chapter must be registered with the state as a charitable organization. Mark Faulkner is looking into how the chapter can be so registered.

 The meeting was adjourned at about 9:50 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Robert Eberhart






Please consider joining the SCTU List-Serve. The Chapter maintains a List-Serve, an e-mail contact list that includes approximately 65 of the 350 SCTU members. The List-Serve is used to provide e-mail notices of upcoming events and activities. You will not be flooded with a lot of unwanted e-mails. The List-Serve will only be used for important communication from the chapter. If you would like to be included in the List-Serve please send your e-mail address to Bill Brusse at wbrusse@converseconsultants.com </ym/Compose?To=wbrusse@converseconsultants.com> or to Vince Norris at vpn1@psu.edu


SCTU needs volunteers. Many of the issues that affect the Watershed will be decided based on the �science� of the issue. We need knowledgeable individuals to help out with land use, water quality, and legal issues. We also need volunteers to attend Township and Borough meetings to help track development plans and proposed ordinances that could impact the Creek so that SCTU has the opportunity to comment on those issues before they are approved. We also need volunteers to organize creek improvement and cleanup activities.


Chapter Officers:

President              Bill Brusse
Vice-President   Vacant
Treasurer            Jere Willey
Secretary            George Moellenbrock


Jere Willey   (12/09)  667-3895

George Moellenbrock   (12/09)  364-9528  gxm3@psu.edu

Allen Phillips 238-4414
    (12/09)  atp@.psu.edu<mailto:atp@.psu.edu>

Bob Donaldson 237-4362
    (12/08)  rbdonald@adelphia.net

Jay Lynch 422-8988    (12/07)  Jlynch@AOL.com

Theodore Trostle 237-9509  (12/08)  tctrostle@verizon.net

Dick Stevenson 692-8471  (12/07)  res4@ psu.edu

Jim George 867-0765  (12/08)  jamestgeorge@earthlink.net

William Brusse 234-8851wbrusse@converseconsultants.com <mailto:wbrusse@converseconsultants.com>


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Note: If you have an idea for a meeting or activity, please tell a board member.

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