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In 2013, the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited established an Endowment Fund through the Centre Foundation.  By contributing to the SCCTU's endowment, donors can make a lasting difference tor the Spring Creek Watershed.  More information regarding the Centre Foundation can be found at  For more information regarding the SCCTU Endowment (CLICK HERE).

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Support Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited's Mission

Conservation          Education/Outreach              A healthy Spring Creek for all species


Help fund our Chapter's conservation and outreach programs by donating during the 36-hour online Centre Gives Campaign.  Your donation will help SCCTU earn a portion of the $105,000 in grant money and the $25,000 in extra prize money.  


Centre Gives starts midnight Tuesday and ends noon Wednesday

Donate here: SCCTU at Centre Gives

The Spring Creek Chapter of
Milesburg buffer buddies Trout Unlimited Endowment Fund conserve, protects, and  restores Spring Creek and its tributaries.  It is essential to the future of the watershed that we continue to support it.

To contribute to the endowment fund directly on line, (CLICK HERE)   or print the (PLEDGE SHEET) and send to the address below:

Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited
c/o Rick Van Horn
425 Canterbury Rd.
State College, PA 16803

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