Our Mission 
The mission of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect, and restore Spring Creek's coldwater fishery and watershed.


The mission of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect and restore Spring Creek’s coldwater fishery and watershed.  We accomplish this though Advocacy (government and community), Outreach (Youth, Veterans, Women’s Group), and Conservation (Habitat projects, Watershed Cleanup, Citizen Science).  The chapter received the National Trout Unlimited “Gold Trout” Award in 2016 as the most outstanding chapter in the country. 


Following is a quotation from the Award Ceremony "The Spring Creek Chapter's conservation and angler science activities this year are more than enough to earn accolades: over 1.5 miles of riparian habitat planted, 13 in-stream structures built, water quality monitoring, redd count and angler surveys totaling more than 4,500 hours and valued at over $210,000.  However, behind all that conservation activity are the myriad was the chapter reaches into the community.  The chapter is constantly hosting events and activities, including their robust Veterans Service Partnership program where hundreds of veterans have experience the power of both healing and community, thanks to SCCTU."  Mick McCorcle (Chairman of National TU Leadership Council)


How we accomplish our Mission


  • Legislative Activity - Letters and testimony at state and local level

  • Community Outreach - Active and leadership membership in local watershed and conservation groups.  Partnership with county and muncipal organizations to acvocate for watershed protection.

  • Watershed watch - Active monitoring of stream for problems such as construction protection violations and advocating for correction.

Conservation Projects

  • Stream bank stabilization and habitat improvement projects. (Click Here)

  • Conduct redd counts each year, periodic angler surveys, and participation in water testing.

  • Annual watershed cleanup.

  • Streamside stewardship of prior year projects and continuing maintenance/stewardship of Fisheman's Paradise

  • Leadership and financial support for continuous water quality testing through the Water Resources Monitoring Project

  • "Return the roots - runoff pollutes" - a program to address streamside owners to teach them the value of good streamside practices including outreach programs and example streamside projects at the homeowner level. (Click Here)

Outreach Programs

  • Table events - participation in over 20 events per year to reach out to the community, such as summer camps, Big Brother/Big Sister fishing events, Earth and Arbor Day events, etc. (Click Here)

  • "Y Trout" and Trout-in-the-Classroom - programs to reach children (and adults) to teach them about the development of fish and the importance to their community.

  • "Buffer Buddies" - a program to reach children in the area to explain the conservation projects and the value of habitat improvement.

  • Veterans Service Program - an outreach program to our veterans that provides them with a fishing or fly tying program twice a month.  Reaches 400 veterans each year with more than 40 events.

Conservation Projects 

McCoy_BeginsMcCoy Dam Breach

These pictures were taken in during the removal of the McCoy Dam.  This project is one of the largest undertaken by the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and is an example of the chapter's committment tour mission.