Conservation Projects -2013 to 2017

Spring Creek Chapter of Trout unlimited is proud of its past stream projects and those planned for the future. SCCTU was formed in 1972 with projects to improve the Spring Creek Watershed in mind, and that interest and committment has continued throughout the years.  Some of our more recent projects are as follows:

  • Milesburg Bank Stabilization and Riparian Planting - 2013/4
  • McCoy Dam Riparian Planting - 2014/5
  • Deer Creek Lane - Riparian Planting - 2014
  • Fisherman's Paradise - Stormwater Abatement, Bank Stabilization, Riparian Planting - 2014/5
  • "Backyard Makeover" - Slab Cabin Run Homeowner Improvement Demo - 2014
  • Rock Road - Stormwater Abatement and riparian planting - 2014
  • Oak Hall - Bank Stabilization and riparian planting 2015/2016
  • "The Distillery" - bank stabilization project - 2015
  • Stewardship Program - 2015/2017

Stream Projects - 2013 - 2017

SCCTU proposed projects to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) as part of the Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grant program for the 2013 - 2015 period.   NFWF approved of this plan and funded the proposal for the full requested amount $69,800  (click here to see the full grant request).  As indicated in the grant request, the project envisioned four separate areas below:

  • Milesburg (Lower McCoy) - This project includes 4 four multi-log deflectors in the upper section along with riparian planting 05 200 feet of stream.  The lower section includes a 200 ft. mudsill and 300 feet of riparian planting.  The project includes a double sided interpretive sign at the entrance to the Milesburg Community Park.  This project was also expanded to have a "Buffer Buddies" program.  Children were invited to come to the construction and receive instruction on bugs, knots, and casting as well as the benefits of conservation.  And they were provided with refreshments along with the volunteers and construction workers.  Click Here to see photographs of this project and a presentation prepared by Pa. Fish and Boat Commission to document this project.  Click Here to see a slide show of the Milesburg project and buffer buddies program.
  • Fisherman's Paradise - Includes 3500 feet of riparian planting, two multi-log deflectors, and significant two parking lot improvements to rechannel stormwater runoff into the stream into swales.  The project also includes a three-sided interpretive panel kiosk including a map of the Spring Creek Canyon and a history of projects along Spring Creek.  Click Here for a slide show of the Fisherman's Paradise project.
  • Rock Road - This project includes a significant parking lot improvement to rechannel stormwater that was flowing freely into Spring Creek from the road to the unimproved parking lot and into the stream.  It also includes 350 feet of riparian planting.  Click Here of a slide show of the Rock Road project. 
  • Oak Hall - This project includes two 200 ft. mudsills on bend in Spring Creek as well as 600 ft. of riparian plantings.  The project was difficult due to the wetlands access.  Wetlants Habitat Management was helpful in donating the design and permitting work, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service made a major donation to the completion of the project.  Click Here to see a PowerPoint slide show of this project.

The project was expanded to include additional areas of improvement along the stream by leveraging the NFWF grant through contributions of many partners.  These partners include the following:

  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife
  • Wetlands Habitat Management
  • ClearWater Conservancy
  • Wa. Pa. Conservancy
  • Glen O. Hawbaker
  • Milesburg Borough
  • Penn State Department of Ag & Environment
  • Pa. Fish and Boat Commision
  • Centre County Conservation District
  • Rick Hoover Logging
  • First Energy
  • Little Juniata River Association
  • University Area Joint Authoriey
  • First Citizens Hook and Ladder


The additional projects are the following:

  • McCoy Dam riparian planting of 1800 plants along 1200 feet of Spring Creek at the McCoy Dam removal site.  This was a difficult project from a logistics standpoint as we needed to get 70 volunteers, plant material, and equipment across the stream.  The solution was the rescue boat from Milesburg First Citizen's Hool and Ladder #1.  Click Here for a slide show of the project.  Click Here for a video produced by the Penn State Agriculture and Environmental Center.
  • Houserville riparian planting -150 plants along 200  feet of Spring Creek near Houserville
  • Deer Creek Lane - planting of over 500 plants along 900 feet of Spring Creek.
  • "The Distillery" - below Fisherman's Paradise and above Rt. 550 at the site of the Beezer Distillery (1874) building 5 multi-log deflectors for bank stabilization, and creating a natural narrowing from the opposite side of the stream through felled trees.

In addition, the chapter applied for and received a WREN grant for $3800 to fund a streamside ownership project called "Return the roots - runoff pollutes".  This project included the following:

  • Mailing of "My Healthy Stream" by Chris Wood to 200 streamside property owners located from Pine Grove Mills to Houserville
  • Two public information sessions with refreshments to inform the public of the value of proper homeowner stewardship along the stream.
  • A "backyard makeover" contest to select a homeowner for a free landscape improvement consistent with good streamside BMP's. Click Here for a video of the "Backyard Makeover" created by the Penn State Department of Agriculture and Environment Center.
  • Completion of the "Backyard Makeover" along Slab Cabin Run.

As part of these projects, the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited has established a "Stewardship" program to address the continuing maintenance needs of the project areas. 


In addition, two other projects were undertaken in the 2015 to 2016 Timeframe