2020 Meeting Speakers

January 2, 2020 Lynn Mitchell "State of the Chapter"


This is the annual meeting. Election of members of the board of directors and the Annual State of the Chapter by President Lynn Mitchell..


February 6. Brian Swistock, " Potential effects of climate change on Pennsylvania Streams and Groundwater"

This presentation will summarize the expected impact of climate change on streams and groundwater in Pennsylvania.  Basic concepts of stream and groundwater hydrology will be introduced followed by an explanation of how observed and expected climate change scenarios will affect rainfall, snowfall, evapotranspiration, streamflow, groundwater recharge, and stream temperatures.  These potential impacts will also be compared between relatively undisturbed, forested watersheds and more urbanizing watersheds. 

Bryan Swistock is a senior extension associate and Water Resources Coordinator. His areas of expertise include water wells, springs and cisterns, pond management, watershed management, water conservation, shale gas drilling and water, and acid deposition. 


March 21 - Annual Dinner and FunDraiser


April 2, Dennis Charney

Dennis is the new proud owner of Flyfisher's Paradise.  Dennis will speak on fishing Spring Creek with dry flies.  Over the years, Dennis, has proved to be one of the most appreciated speakers at our chapter meetings.

May 2, Dr Jay Stauffer, Distinguished Professor, "Brook trout and rare african fish species"   Postponed

Jay Stauffer, Jr., Ph.D.

Effects of Introduced Species on the Distribution, Ecology, and Biology of Indigenous Fishes The incidence of introduced fish species is increasing throughout the Appalachian Mountains. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of an introduced darter species, Etheostoma zonale on the native darter fauna of the Susquehanna River. Habitat partitioning of darters in diverse communities (e.g., Allegheny River) and depauperate communities (e.g., Susquehanna River, Potomac River) is being compared. Both in situational and laboratory studies are being used to evaluate reproductive success, food preference, and habitat selection in these different communities.

June 7 2019 "Get Outdoors Family Picnic Cancelled for 2020

September 4, 2019

Enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Nittany while sampling great wine and food at
Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery. 
Location: Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery, 300 Houser Road, Centre Hall, PA

Last year's wine tasting event was such a success we're bringing it back for another year. We saw lots of new faces and enjoyed some wonderful wines from a local winery who continues to support the Chapter with sales of their Spring Creek White wine.

Be sure to bring your spouse and friends to this special TU wine tasting evening to kick off our fall meeting schedule. We would appreciate an RSVP if you plan to attend.

NOTE: This event will replace the regular September meeting.

  • 5:30 pm: Complimentary wine tasting
  • 6:00 pm: Remarks by Lynn Mitchell, SCCTU President, and Linda Weaver, Mount Nittany Winery General Manager
  • 6:15 pm:  Wine, food and great conversation (bring your summer fishing adventure stories!). An assortment of food will be available to try with your favorite wine. Wine will be available for purchase by glass or bottle. 

10% of all tasting room sales of Spring Creek White are generously being donated to our Chapter by Linda and Steve Weaver.    

October 3, 2019 - None

November 5, 2020 Sara Mueller

Sara Muller

Title: "Brook Trout from the Inside Out"

Sara Mueller is a PhD candidate at Penn State studying the phenotypic and genetic variation of Pennsylvania Brook Trout. For such a well-known species, Sara is finding new ways to look at these glorious fish. In her research, she uses medical CT scans to examine the differences in skulls among populations. She is also in the progress of looking deeper at the genetic profiles of native and stocked brookies. Finally, Sara has a new angler science project looking at the coloration and pattern variation of Brook and Brown Trout. Listen in to find out how you can contribute to her work!

December 3, Dr. Greg Hoover - Cicada - The Big Eastern Brood

Brood X of the periodical cicada (known as the "Big Eastern Brood") will emerge next year in Pennsylvania counties that comprise the southeastern and south central 2/3’s of our state. After their 17-year underground existence, nymphs will provision their escape routes from the soil during mid- to late May. Adults will emerge and be active from late May through early July in many states in the eastern United States. Learn about the natural history, biology, and folk lore associated with these insects. If you like to fly fish, Greg will discuss tying an effective pattern to imitate the adult stage of these insects and will make suggestions for fly fishing during this true wonder of nature


Greg Hoover is widely acknowledged as North America’s most knowledgeable fly fishing entomologist. He has been tying flies and fly fishing for more than 50 years. Greg received his Master’s degree based on his thesis researching Penns Creek’s famous green drake hatch. Greg has conducted hundreds of seminars on the identification and imitation of trout stream insects and their relatives. He teaches the course titled,Freshwater Entomology, an undergraduate / graduate level course in the Department of Entomology at Penn State.  We should point out that Greg also knows terrestrial insects too!  He’s taught entomology for 27 years at the Pennsylvania State University’s main campus, where for the past 18 years, Greg has enjoyed his role as the faculty advisor to the Penn State Fly Fishing Club which has more than 100 student members. He was the recipient of the George Harvey Award for unselfishly promoting the sport of fly fishing through teaching of others. Greg was the 2012 Order of the Hat award recipient from the Fly Fisher’s Club of Harrisburg, an honor given to an individual for contributions to the conservation of natural resources and fly rod angling.