Community outreach

Community Organizations

  • Spring Creek Watershed Association - SCCTU maintains an active membership in SCWA including leadership positions. 
  • Water Resources Monitoring Project - SCCTU supports the Water Resources Monitoring Project with financial and leadership.  Dr. Robert F. Carline and Robert K. Vierck are membership of the WRMP Governering Committee.  This project continually monitors the water quality at many locations in the watershed.
  • Penn State - SCCTU is active with Penn State in outreach including the Penn State Fly Fishing Club, the Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center, and the Penn State Forestry Department.  It also is active with projects with the Penn State Office of Physical Plant.
  • State College - SCCTU is active with the State College Borough through its Sustainability Committee and the Penn State Sustainability Institute.
  • Spring Creek Watershed Atlas - SCCTU is an active participant in the creation of a watershed atlas.  Members of the chapter have provided leadership in the work group and numerous articles and maps as part of this community wide project.
  • ClearWater Conservancy - SCCTU and the ClearWater Conservancy are leaders in conservation and conservation projects in the centre region.  These groups frequent partners in projects, riparian planting, and outreach to the community.


Recent Community Outreach Events

Thompson Run Plaque Dedication

Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited in the Community

Keystonte Coldwater Conference

PFBC 150th Anniversary Celebration