George Harvey Memorial coldwater Heritage award


2004: Awarded to George Harvey

George Harvey

George Harvey was the father of the Penn State Flyfishing program, an author, and mentor to the area flyfishing community.  He was and is a legend and this award – given to an outstanding contributor to the conservation and preservation of the Spring Creek Watershed on an annual basis by ClearWater and Spring Creek Trout Unlimited. 

2005: Tony Gerace

Tony lead the Spring Creek Chapter’s protest of the UAJA permit to increase flow from the wastewater treatment plant into Spring Creek by 3 million gallons per day – based on the projected increase in water temperature.  This led to the creation of the water reuse capability and was nationally recognized achievement.  It led to the SCCTU’s first Gold Chapter Award

2006:  Bob Carline

Bob Carline led the effort towards the first Sheep Farm project, in 1989 whereby the university built fences to keep livestock out of Spring Creek.  He was integral in the creation of the Water Resources Monitoring Project, and the Spring Creek Watershed Association.  More recently he has helped to modernized the REDDS survey - he is shown here teaching volunteers how to recognize redds.


2007: Bob Donaldson

Bob Donaldson has been active in the protection of the water quality of Spring Creek for nearly all of his lifetime.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors of both ClearWater and SCCTU, a member of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, and was instrumental in the creation of the Spring Creek Watershed Association.  He established the “Watershed Watch” a program by SCCTU to monitor the water quality for problems and fix them. 

2008: Awarded to Rob Brooks  

Awarded to Rob In recognition of his unwavering commitment to teaching, research, and his service for the protection of Millbrook Marsh.


2009:  Awarded to Joe Humphreys      

Awarded to Joe in recognition of his life-long commitment to Spring Creek through fishing, teaching, mentoring, and advocacy.  Joe was critical in the re-separation of Thompson Run from the Duck Pond in 1977 and was the causing agent for the fixing of the dike last fall.  Joe is pictured here mentoring the at the veterans service porgram


2010:  Awarded to Bob Eberhart      


In recognition of his love of Spring Creek and his leadership with several watershed and government organizations to teach people about Spring Creek’s value and engage people in its conservation.  He served for many years as the Secretary of SCCTU and continued to be active with both organizations and all things watershed until his passing in 2017. 

2011:  Awarded to Don Hamer

There has never been a more deserving recipient of this award than Don Hamer.  He is recognized for his  leadership skills, passionate dedication to Spring Creek  watershed and his generous leadership in conserving it for future generations.  Don is shown here by past Executive Director of Clearwater Conservancy Jennifer Shuey presenting him with the award.


2012:  Awarded to Dan Shields  


In recognition of his dedication to knowing every detail of Spring Creek's gift to fly fishing and his ability to share that knowledge in words, pictures and volunteer time to our community.  Dan led several projects including stream bank improvement at the Neidigh Quarry in 1981 – 1982. 

2013:  Awarded to Kristen Saacke Blunk:

In recognition of her 20 years of passionate, creative, and inspirational service in the Spring Creek Watershed through her many roles with ClearWater Conservancy, the Spring Creek Watershed Association, the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, Penn State, the Chesapeake Bay, the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Spring Creek Trout Unlimited, and more.  She is pictured here looking over the Commercial Street project with formet president Bob Vierck


2014:  Awarded to Jim McClure (1927-2013) 


In recognition of his dedication to the Spring Creek Watershed as ClearWater’s first President and for his iconic cartoon that helped people start to understand that “we are all in the same bathtub” as a watershed community. 


2015:  Awarded to Barbara Fisher

Barbara Fisher is a life-long conservation activist and faithful servant of the environment. Committed to action in both words and deeds, Barbara and husband John have been productive community members and catalysts for positive change in the State College area and the Spring Creek watershed for more than 40 years. Barbara is a charter member of ClearWater Conservancy and has served continuously on the organization’s Board of Directors since ClearWater’s inception in 1980.   Barbara is shown here receiving the award from Bob Vierck (Past President of SCCTU) and Deb Nardone (Executive Director of Clearwater Conservancy.

2017 - Joe Boston

Joe became involved in virtually every project undertaken by the Spring Creek Chapter from that point forward, as well as volunteering with ClearWater as a site steward.  Many of the bank stabilization projects undertaken over the past decade have included partnerships between ClearWater and SCCTU.  Joe was intimately involved in the McCoy Dam Removal, the Sheep Farm Projects[s], the “550” bank stabilization and riparian planting project, “The Distillery”, Milesburg Upper and Lower, Fisherman’s Paradise, Rock Road, and the McCoy Area Riparian planting now referred to as the “Boston Commons”.  Joe has served as the project manager, grant author, and chief steward at many of the above sites. 

2018 - Dennis Hameister

The Spring Creek Watershed Commission is chaired by Harris Township Supervisor Dennis Hameister..who worked closely with the Planning Office. The initial project initiated by the Commission was the preparation of the Spring Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Plan and Ordinance..which eventually was adopted by each of the 14 municipalities that made up the Watershed. The Spring Creek Watershed Plan's Stormwater Ordinance  was later used by the state as a " Model Ordinance" throughout the state of Pennsylvania. This effort eventually led to the recognition of the importance of municipal cooperation and planning on a watershed basis.  Throughout the existence of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission..Dennis Hameister has remained it's leader and Chair through his long and dedicated efforts and years of service. A Job Well Done.

But Dennis does more than simply chair the SCWC – he volunteers for both Clearwater and the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  He is pictured here in his “Get Outdoors Family Picnic T-Shirt where he is chief cook and bottle washer. 

2019 - Mark Nale

Mark is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association, Mark’s articles and photographs have appeared in local, state, and national publications including the Centre Daily Times, The Daily Herald, The Daily News and Pennsylvania Outdoor News.  He is an accomplished birder and award winning photographer.  Mark teaches nature photography at Juniata College. In 2017, one of his nature photos was selected by the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association as the best published newspaper photo.


As an outdoor writer and past President of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association, Mark has proven to be an outstanding advocate for the conservation of our natural resources and has been extremely helpful in our efforts to protect the wild fish population throughout the state. 


He volunteers for conservation projects for the Little Juniata River Association, Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Clearwater Conservancy.  In addition, he frequently participates in our combined efforts to educate the community, especially the youth, on Nature Hikes at various outings such as Centred Outdoors.  He also has provided nature talked at PA Brookies Academy, OLLI at Penn State, guest speaker in classes at PSU, Rivers Flyfishing and Conservation school.



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