Robert F. Eberhart order of the sulphur


2004: Awarded to Ted Trostle

Ted Trostle

Ted has been active in the chapter for more than 30 years.  An active participant and organizer of the Veterans Service Program, Ted was a key member of the effort to limit the treated water into Spring Creek based upon temperature - which led to the University Area Joint Authority's beneficial reuse program

2006:  Awarded to Bob Carline

Bob Carline led the effort towards the first Sheep Farm project, in 1989 whereby the university built fences to keep livestock out of Spring Creek.  He was integral in the creation of the Water Resources Monitoring Project, and the Spring Creek Watershed Association.  More recently he has helped to modernized the REDDS survey - he is shown here teaching volunteers how to recognize redds.


2009: Awarded to Dick Stevenson 


Dick has been a long time member of SCCTU but is not sure exactly when he joined and served 2 three year terms on the board. He chaired the annual banquets from 2005 through 2010 and received the Sulphur Award at the 2010 banquet. Dick  currently enjoys being an administrator and a stream side mentor with the  SCCTU VSP.



2010: Awarded to Joe Boston

Joe became involved in virtually every project undertaken by the Spring Creek Chapter from that point forward, as well as volunteering with ClearWater as a site steward.  Many of the bank stabilization projects undertaken over the past decade have included partnerships between ClearWater and SCCTU.  Joe was intimately involved in the McCoy Dam Removal, the Sheep Farm Projects[s], the “550” bank stabilization and riparian planting project, “The Distillery”, Milesburg Upper and Lower, Fisherman’s Paradise, Rock Road, and the McCoy Area Riparian planting now referred to as the “Boston Commons”.  Joe has served as the project manager, grant author, and chief steward at many of the above sites. 

2011:  Awarded to Allan Phillips

Al Phillips is a very long time member of the chapter who volunteers to help - for everything.  He is pictured here with Paula Sowers at the Rock doing the Spring Creek Watershed Cleanup. Al spent many years on the TU Board and arranged the general meetings.


2012:  Awarded to Katie Ombalski  


Katie Ombalski probably wrote more grants and managed more conservation project for the Spring Creek watershed than any other individual.  She worked for Clearwater for many years and initiated the stewardship program.

2013:  Awarded to Joe Hymphreys, Vance McCullough, Paul Blankenhorn, Todd Bowerson, Charlie Piper and gene Brown.

The founders of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited were awarded the Order of the Sulphur at the 40th Annual Dinner and FUNraiser.


2014:  Awarded to Judi Sittler


Judi was President of the Chapter for four years (2010 - 2014) and a member for eight years.  She initiated the Women Angler's (formerly the Central Pennsylvania Women Anglers), expanded the youth education and outreach program, managed the Backyard Makeover, and started the Get Outdoors Family Picnic.

2015: Awarded to Bob Donaldson

Bob Donaldson has been active in the protection of the water quality of Spring Creek for nearly all of his lifetime.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors of both ClearWater and SCCTU, a member of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, and was instrumental in the creation of the Spring Creek Watershed Association.  He established the “Watershed Watch” a program by SCCTU to monitor the water quality for problems and fix them. 


2016:  Awarded to Jim Lanning

Jim Lanning is the founder of the Veterans Service Program and the "Logistics Guy".  He is there for every activity of the chapter - conservation, citizen science, outreach.  If you need something to get done ask Jim.  He was the recipient of the National Service Award - Veterans Service Program 

2017: Awarded to Rick VanHorn

Rick was a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years and served as the Treasurer for 6 years.  In addition, he volunteered for every conservation and citizen science event that the chapter undertook

2018:  Awarded to Robert Vierck

Bob was the Chapter President from 2014 - 2018.  During his leadership period the chapter received three national awards including the Gold Trout award as the nations most outstanding chapter in TU.  He authored grants and managed projects in excess of $500,000.  He expanded the partnerships amongst conservation and other organizations.  For more information click here.

2019:  Awarded to Paula Sowers

Paula is primarily a conservationist – definitely not a fisherperson and has played an extremely important role in the Chapter.  She was a board member, Vice President,Annual Banquet Chair,Newsletter Editor,Public Relations Chair, Conservation Activist, and much, much more.

  1.  As a Board member, she played and important and significant role for some six years providing insight and keeping the Board focused on the chapter objectives

  2.  As co-chairperson for the annual Dinner and FUNdraiser, she has played an invaluable role in creating the structure and back office recording and records keeping the make the Banquet such a success over the past 6 years.

  3. As a conservationist she participates in our conservation projects such as the McCoy Planting, Commercial Street

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