Y Trout Program


Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the State College Family YMCA of Centre County, along with the PA Fish & Boat Commission, have partnered to create a new educational outreach program called “Y Trout.”  This program raises brook trout from eggs in the coldwater tank provided by our chapter and stationed in the lobby of the YMCA.  A chapter member is in charge of weekly cleaning and the YMCA staff does the daily feeding of the brookies.  The YMCA is providing family fishing classes that incorporate conservation lessons into both the classes and in printed materials in front of the tank.

Y Trout

Judi Sittler, Jamie SanFilippo, and Bethany Taylor.

 looking at tanksenior

This program attracts many visitors, both young and old.  Created as a partnership between the YMCA and Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited, this program teaches many visitors to the YMCA of the development of brook trout and the value of our environment.

y fry    three in june
These photographs show the fry in January of 2015 and again in June


y trout release at whipple dam

boy      girl