December 3, 7:30Pm - zoom meeting

Dr. Greg Hoover - Cicada - The Big Eastern Brood

Brood X of the periodical cicada (known as the "Big Eastern Brood") will emerge next year in Pennsylvania counties that comprise the southeastern and south central 2/3’s of our state. After their 17-year underground existence, nymphs will provision their escape routes from the soil during mid- to late May. Adults will emerge and be active from late May through early July in many states in the eastern United States. Learn about the natural history, biology, and folk lore associated with these insects. If you like to fly fish, Greg will discuss tying an effective pattern to imitate the adult stage of these insects and will make suggestions for fly fishing during this true wonder of nature


Greg Hoover is widely acknowledged as North America’s most knowledgeable fly fishing entomologist. He has been tying flies and fly fishing for more than 50 years. Greg received his Master’s degree based on his thesis researching Penns Creek’s famous green drake hatch. Greg has conducted hundreds of seminars on the identification and imitation of trout stream insects and their relatives. He teaches the course titled,Freshwater Entomology, an undergraduate / graduate level course in the Department of Entomology at Penn State.  We should point out that Greg also knows terrestrial insects too!  He’s taught entomology for 27 years at the Pennsylvania State University’s main campus, where for the past 18 years, Greg has enjoyed his role as the faculty advisor to the Penn State Fly Fishing Club which has more than 100 student members. He was the recipient of the George Harvey Award for unselfishly promoting the sport of fly fishing through teaching of others. Greg was the 2012 Order of the Hat award recipient from the Fly Fisher’s Club of Harrisburg, an honor given to an individual for contributions to the conservation of natural resources and fly rod angling.











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A Home Water Love Affair: Fishing Spring Creek by  Clifford Wurster, Life Member Trout Unlimited, Stream Restoration Volunteer, and Avid Flyfisher

"I fly fish a lot…locally, regionally, and nationally. Some view my commitment as an obsession, but for me, it’s a passionate, near-amorous experience. My favorite target fish are the cold water species comprised of brook, rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Of course, I have favorite destinations, and some secret ones too, where I spend anywhere from 100 to 150 days a year suited-up and coaxing trout to fur and feathered flies. However, when tethered in State College, I steal away to romance Spring Creek, my home water sweetheart." ...To read More Click Here




National Recognition for Chapter


Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson recognized the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited at the 44th Annual Dinner and FUNraiser.  He read a proclamation that was presented to the US House of Representative in recognition of the chapter's accomplishments and for receiving the 2016 Gold Trout Award as the Nations most outstanding chapter.

2016 National "Gold Trout" Award


Chairman of National Leadership Council Mick McCorcle awards our President Robert Vierck the 2016 Gold Trout award as the nation's most outstanding TU Chapter

"The Spring Creek Chapter's conservation and angler science activities this year are more than enough to earn accolades: over 1.5 miles of riparian habitat planted, 13 in-stream structures built, water quality monitoring, redd count and angler surveys totaling more than 4,500 hours and valued at over $210,000.  However, behind all that conservation activity are the myriad was the chapter reaches into the community.  The chapter is constantly hosting events and activities, including their robust Veterans Service Partnership program where hundreds of vetrans have experience the power of both healing and community, thanks to SCCTU."  Mick McCorcle


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