Fly Fishing Gear To Get Started

Must Haves:

  • Fishing License with Trout Stamp
    • Buy One Here
    • If you are 65 or older, check out the lifetime license option at a reduced rate!
  • · Jacket with pockets, a fanny pack, or some sort of fishing vest, chest pack, sling pack.
  • Fly rod (4 or 5 wt. best for small streams)
  • Reel with line (wt. of line matches the wt. of the rod)
    • If you are starting from scratch, ask for help at the store or from a buddy. Consider purchasing a combination kit (rod, reel, & line already spooled on the reel)
  • Leaders, tapered (length to be similar to length of rod)
  • Nippers to cut tippet & leader (can be a fingernail clippers)
  • Hemostat/forceps/small pliers to pinch down barb on hook or getting hook out of fish’s mouth.
  • Tippet material (4x & 5x)
  • Assortment of flies (The store, or a buddy, can help you get flies found on the stream you plan to fish.)
  • If wading: waders and wading shoes/boots

Helpful To Have:

If wading, a wading staff
Wading Belt
Eyeglass magnifiers
Weights (split shot)
Fingerless gloves
Fishing net
Sunblock & bug repellent
Floatant (a product that will keep the dry flies afloat)
Some women carry toilet paper, just in case no port-a-potty around!
Strike Indicators (bobbers)
Flashlight if fishing at night
Water & snack

Contact Diane Brown ( or Judi Sittler ( with questions.

When Fishing! 

 Check out stream conditions before you leave home!

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