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Trout in the Classroom (TIC) - ia a nationwide Trout Unlimited Program that provides  environmental and fish biology education for students from kindergarten through high school.

Allison D’Ambrosia with some of her students


Some of the features of the program are....

  • raise trout from eggs to fry                                Dave Trusdale packing eggs

    Dave Truesdale Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  • monitor tank water quality

  • engage in stream habitat study

  • learn to appreciate water resources

  • foster a conservation ethic, and

  • grow to understand ecosystems

Our chapter sponsors and assists five teachers in local area schools.  Our coordinator is Mr. Dave Trusedale.  In addition, we support the State College YMCA with our Y Trout Program (Click Here)


Dave volunteers for this program and coordinates it for the Chapter.

 He will be working with our newest TIC teacher Christina Gugliocciello at Snow Shoe Mountaintop Area Elementary School. Our more seasoned TIC teachers include Allison D’Ambrosia at Bellefonte Middle School, Jessica Martin at the Penns Valley Middle School, Jessica Boyer at the Delta Program in State College, and Jade Thompson at Bald Eagle High School.  We are grateful for their support for the future of all of the watersheds in the Central Pennsylvania Area.

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These teachers maintain a coldwater aquarium in their classroom and raise brook trout from eggs, sent to them by the PA Fish & Boat Commission.Trout in the Classroom Spring Creek Trout Unlimited Classroom


In the Fall, Trout Unlimited chapter members assist the Benner Springs Fish & Boat facility, in the packaging of the fish food and eggs. The teachers  are provided with lesson plans for teaching their students the basics of coldwater conservation.  A highlight of the year is in June when the brook trout fry are  released by the students into an approved stream as you can see.  And they love to learn about the fish habits, aquatic insects, and all of the efforts are worth it when you see their faces.


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