When:  March 25th

Where: Ramada Inn and Conference Center

What Time:  5:30PM to 9:30PM



Join us for the 44th Annual Dinner and FUNraiser to celebrate the Chapter receiving the Gold Trout Award recognizing SCCTU as nation’s most outstanding Trout Unlimited chapter. Being chosen from over 400 chapters across the country shows what your support allows us to accomplish together.  The enclosed information includes highlights from the award presentation and some of 2016’s accomplishments.

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 If you aren’t able to join us, there are other ways to help support the chapter.  

  • Make a tax deductible donation.

  • Become an event sponsor. Sponsorship levels include Brook Trout - $500, Brown Trout - $250 and Rainbow Trout - $100. Sponsors are recognized at the event and on the chapter website. More information and sponsorship forms are available on our website or email pres@springcreektu.org.

  • Donate an item for the auction or raffle. 

Donations and registration forms with checks payable to Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited can be sent to:

     SCCTU Treasurer

     Mario Carrello

     291 Norelle Street

     State College, Pa 16801

 We all should be proud of our chapter. Whether it’s volunteering time, donating financially or simply renewing your membership each year, everyone associated with our chapter is valued. Thank you for your part in helping us become a Gold Trout Award winning chapter.  

2016 National "Gold Trout" Award

Chairman of National Leadership Council Mick McCorcle awards our President Robert Vierck the 2016 Gold Trout award as the nation's most outstanding TU Chapter

"The Spring Creek Chapter's conservation and angler science activities this year are more than enough to earn accolades: over 1.5 miles of riparian habitat planted, 13 in-stream structures built, water quality monitoring, redd count and angler surveys totaling more than 4,500 hours and valued at over $210,000.  However, behind all that conservation activity are the myriad was the chapter reaches into the community.  The chapter is constantly hosting events and activities, including their robust Veterans Service Partnership program where hundreds of vetrans have experience the power of both healing and community, thanks to SCCTU."  Mick McCorcle


April 6 - VSP - Magic Waters Trip to Chili - Ernest DeMastus


"My talk will be about my family's trip to The Magic Waters Lodge in Chile. I will talk about everything that led up to us going. Detailing the specific programs used to make our trip possible. In addition to showing pictures and videos of the various adventures we were apart of. In summary, I will outline the magic trip that TU made possible."


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