February  4  Meeting - State of the Chapter

Date: Thursdsay February 4th
Time: 7:30pm

Zoom Link: to come

This will be the annual meeting and will include the "State of the Chapter" address by President Jamie SanFillipo. In additions it will include election for the members of the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will be nominating the following:

Heather Sees

Heather was born and raised in a very small town (Kushequa) in Northwest Pennsylvania. Growing up she spent the summers with her family fishing the small creeks in the Allegheny National Forest. Heather’s passion/obsession for fly fishing developed shortly after moving to Colorado in 2011.  While living there she became very active with Colorado Trout Unlimited serving as the President of The Greenbacks and sitting on the board of Colorado Trout Unlimited.  As part of this role, she spent the majority of her time and focus on engaging, educating and empowering the younger generation to become our next conservation stewards.  In addition to her involvement in Trout Unlimited, back in 2017 Heather discovered The Mayfly Project and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tap into existing Trout Unlimited resources all while sharing her passion with a group of kids who may not have the opportunity to get out on the water.  Heather joined TMP as the Denver Lead Mentor and shortly after kicking off the Denver project joined Jess and Kaitlin on the national team as the National Project Liaison.  Heather moved back to her home state of Pennsylvania in 2018 and got involved with her local Trout Unlimited chapter along with helped to bring The Mayfly Project to her hometown.  Heather holds an Accounting degree from Penn State and works on the Finance team of an International technology organization.  In her free time, you can find her outdoors, whether it is exploring her new home waters and the neighboring states in search of fish, hunting or camping!!   


Betty Bloom

Betty has been fortunate to have lived and traveled to many areas of our beautiful country. She has also been able to experience an abundance of adventures on this spectacular journey. While living in the Southern California area, Betty purchased her first home, a 33 ft sailboat! When she was not working as an RN at the Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Betty spent her time sailing and racing on the waters of San Diego Harbor. After moving to the beautiful mountains of Central PA, Betty's husband introduced her to fly fishing. While raising their family, fly fishing was put on hold, however; they were able to introduce their two sons to fishing, hiking and outdoor activities that PA has to offer. Betty’s husband retired from DCNR 9 years ago and they returned to his hometown of State College (and PSU). Betty retired from Mt. Nittany Medical Center 2 years ago. About, 5 years ago, she was introduced to the Women Anglers Group and SCCTU by Jean Brenchley. Most recently, Betty was able to attend the SCCTU VSP Fly Fishing 101 and the Women’s Intro. to Fly Fishing course through the PA Fish and Boat Commission. Both programs as well as outings with the Women Anglers have complimented her fly fishing skills. Unfortunately, the trout haven’t been too impressed...yet! Betty would be honored to join the members of the SCCTU board as she is respectful of the philosophy and mission of conservation, fly fishing and community in hopes that our beautiful streams and all they support are here for future generations.


Volunteers Needed for the Veterans Service Program Restart


During the pandemic the Leadership Team of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited (SCCTU) Veterans Service Program (VSP) has been busy at work redesigning the program to better meet the needs of Veterans and the fishing public at large. At their last meeting the Board of Directors approved the new design. The VSP team is now preparing for a February launch of the new program.  Of course, the launch depends on the status of COVID-19 in our first priority must be the safety of our community. However, we want to be prepared for an opening as soon as is possible! That’s where we need you!


In order for us to meet the needs of the veterans we serve through VSP we will need volunteers to support all aspects of the operation. Of course a critical role will be sufficient numbers of Streamside Coaches (formerly known as Streamside Mentors). The Streamside Coaches will work directly with our guest Veterans to assist them in learning how to become independent fly fishermen/women. Of course we welcome volunteers in other roles as well.


Please consider serving our Veteran guests as well as further developing your own fly-fishing skills by volunteering as a Streamside Coach or in another role. For additional information please contact Bob Sills at rasills@earthlink.net or Ray Faczan at rfaczan@aol.com.


Please watch the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited Website and your email for further scheduling details as we get into the New Year. 


2019 Accomplishments


A Home Water Love Affair: Fishing Spring Creek by  Clifford Wurster, Life Member Trout Unlimited, Stream Restoration Volunteer, and Avid Flyfisher

"I fly fish a lot…locally, regionally, and nationally. Some view my commitment as an obsession, but for me, it’s a passionate, near-amorous experience. My favorite target fish are the cold water species comprised of brook, rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Of course, I have favorite destinations, and some secret ones too, where I spend anywhere from 100 to 150 days a year suited-up and coaxing trout to fur and feathered flies. However, when tethered in State College, I steal away to romance Spring Creek, my home water sweetheart." ...To read More Click Here




National Recognition for Chapter


Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson recognized the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited at the 44th Annual Dinner and FUNraiser.  He read a proclamation that was presented to the US House of Representative in recognition of the chapter's accomplishments and for receiving the 2016 Gold Trout Award as the Nations most outstanding chapter.

2016 National "Gold Trout" Award


Chairman of National Leadership Council Mick McCorcle awards our President Robert Vierck the 2016 Gold Trout award as the nation's most outstanding TU Chapter

"The Spring Creek Chapter's conservation and angler science activities this year are more than enough to earn accolades: over 1.5 miles of riparian habitat planted, 13 in-stream structures built, water quality monitoring, redd count and angler surveys totaling more than 4,500 hours and valued at over $210,000.  However, behind all that conservation activity are the myriad was the chapter reaches into the community.  The chapter is constantly hosting events and activities, including their robust Veterans Service Partnership program where hundreds of vetrans have experience the power of both healing and community, thanks to SCCTU."  Mick McCorcle


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