Veterans Service Program

The Veterans Service Program is an outreach program to all of our veterans and their families.  The ostensible purpose of the program is to provide a fishing experience to veterans who live in the region - but the program provides a great deal more - a chance for the veterans of socialize, work together with each other and with the volunteers, and to provide assistance to those who need assistance.

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The program is an all volunteer effort:

  • Over 500 Volunteers and Service Personnel

  • Funding from the SCCTU General Fund and VSP Fundraising

  • "Bid for a Cause" generated over $4200 for the program at the Annual Dinner and FunRaiser

  • All equipment for fishing and fly-tying are provided, as well as fishing licenses

  • Individual fishing and fly tying lessons and well as group classes.

  • Conservation classes and workgroups have been formed and the VSP group has taken on stewardship activities for the chapter.

  • Assistance in employment opportunities and other communitiy activities are common.

  • Over 1500 volunteer hours expened each year.

    Winter Program (to print click here)

The Spring Creek Chapter Trout Unlimited is pleased to announce three 2020 Winter Season opportunities to learn about and enjoy the sport of fly fishing or improve your existing skills. Please read carefully to select the program that best meets your needs and skill level.


This education program is open to all who are interested and is administered and provided by the Spring Creek Chapter Trout Unlimited and the Veterans Service Program.


All sessions will begin starting Saturday, January 11, 2020 and Continue thru March 14, 2020. Sessions will take place at the South Hills School of Business and Technology in State College, PA located at 480 Waupelani Dr, State College from 1:00 to 3:15pm.


Contact Larry C. Ragan, SCCTU VSP Training Coordinator at for more information. No pre-registration is required (except for the Intermediate Fly Tying course), registration will be held onsite.



South Hills for a Picnic in January

The South Hills Business and Technology will host a “Picnic in January” on January 11th, 2020 before the start of the Fly Fishing 101 program. This program begins at 11:30am and will include a picnic lunch as well as information sessions on educational opportunities offered by South Hills as well as strategies to use Military Benefits.

(Please see attached Flyer)


SCCTU Winter Education Fly Fishing Series 2020

All program offerings will be held at the South Hills Business and Technology school in State College, Pa.

Time: 1:00pm-3:15pm

Location: South Hills Business School

Registration: Onsite

Contact: Larry Ragan ( or 814-404-0834


I.      Fly Fishing 101, An introduction to the basics of fly-fishing including equipment, tackle selection, insects, flies, and streams, approaches and techniques.

Jan 11-February 1

·         January 11: Overview of Fly Fishing and Approaches and Presentations

·         January 18: SMART Fly Fishing and Casting Techniques

·         January 25: Decoding the Equipment and Knot Essentials/Where to Find Fish in Central PA

·         February 1: Fish, Bugs, and Flies that Fool ‘Em! Our Local Waters


II.    Basic Fly Tying Course, An introduction to the art and science of fly-tying. All materials and equipment will be provided.

February 8-March 14  - 1:00pm to 3:15pm


·         February 8: Green Weenie or San Juan Worm or Mop Fly

·         February 15: Woolly Bugger or Clouser

·         February 22: Zebra Midge, Walt’s Worm

·         Feb 29: Frenchie, Pheasant Tail Nymph

·         March 7: Personalized Practice Session

·         March 14: Graduation & Certificate Presentation - PFBC Fisherman's Paradise



III.   Intermediate Fly Tying Course

This class will consist of a maximum of eight (8) seasoned fly tyers with their own vises (a few vises are available for intermediate students) and tools and a more than "basic knowledge" of fly tying. Course materials will be provided.

February 8-February 29


IV.    Fly Fishing Skills

January 25: Dry Fly Fishing Techniques (various local experts)


This session will focus on the most effective techniques of dry fly fishing. A review of timing, fly selection, presentation, and tips of the trade for successful outings will be shared by local experts.


February 8: Dynamic Nymphing (George Daniel)


This session will focus on the most effective techniques of subsurface fly fishing including, wet flies, nymphing, and streamers. A review of timing, fly selection, presentation, and tips of the trade for successful outings will be shared.


February 22: The Art and Science of Fly Fishing (various local experts)


This session will feature insights from a variety of fly-fishing experts sharing their insights and tips for enjoying and mastering the sport of fly fishing


The Veterans Service Program meets twice a month for fishing except for the Winter when they meet once a week at the at the Comfort Suites for Fly Tying

See Schedule of Events for time and place by clicking here

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